Wednesday, 3 February 2016

giant kraft paper flower

a wonderful party decoration idea, which also looks beautiful on your walls at home...a giant paper flower back drop. 

the flowers are actually quite easy to make and for sure you will come up with many variations,as soon as you have done your first one. ...making them is just a bit time consuming.

esther from deko kitchen published great tutorials and easy templates, which i used myself.

...nevertheless i felt like making my own pictured tutorial and you are more than welcome, to have a look at my first paper flower.

...and of course all other paper flowers, i made so far.


this is what you need


- kraft paper (cut into seven pieces a dinA 4)

- pencil

- eraser (just in case)

- scissors

- glue stick

- glue

- templates

this is what you have to do

 - print and cut out templates

- place two kraft paper sheets on top of each other

- place the template of the large petals onto the sheets, leaving out some space


 - add the template for the small petals

- copy the templates

 - cut out the petals

- cut out two more large and two more small petals

- get two more kraft paper sheets ready

- interfold them

- place the templates of the medium sized petals onto the kraftpaper 

- draw then petals onto the paper

- cut out the petals

- repeat until you have eight large, eight medium and four small petals

- draw a medium size circle onto another kraft paper sheet

- cut out then circle

- this circles serves as the invisible base of the flower, so the circle does not need to be perfect

- get the template for the calyx ready

- copy the outlines of the calyx onto the paper

 - cut it out

- when you are done, you should have eight large, eight medium and four small petals, as well as one circle and one calyx


- get your petals and your scissors ready

- make a cut of 2 cm in the middle of the bottom part of the petals

- apply some glue onto the back of the leftside of the cut

- adhere both sides of the cut onto each other


- your petals should have a small bulge now

- repeat this with all other petals

- get your calyx template, your pecncil and your glue ready

- place the outer end of the spiral around your pencil

- wrap the entire paper spiral around the pencil

- it might look like this

- fix the inner end of the paper spiral with your glue stick

- apply glue to the lower part of the paper calyx, a glue stick might not work here

- firmly hold the calyx together until the glue dried 

- adhere the paper calyx onto the paper circle

- let the glue dry

- get the medium petals ready

- apply glue to lower outer part of the bulge of the petals

- adhere the first petal close to the calyx

- place the second petal next to the first one, so they overlap slightly

- continue with the other petals

- glue the large petals underneath the medium sized ones, close to the edge of the circle

- at the end adhere the small petals inbetween the medium petals and the calyx 

- using your scissors, you can create some more bulges at the edges of the petals. just bend the edges of the pedals over the blades of the scissors

 - looks beautiful

some more kraft paper flower tutorials will follow soon, so a beautiful flower backdrop can be  created...i am looking forward seeing you here regards...silke