Tuesday, 31 May 2016

wedding anniversary card with fairy lights

about two weeks ago dear friends told me about their twentyfifth anniversary, as well as their eighteen's weeding anniversary. Not knowing much about anniversaries, it was very interesting to learn, that in germany the eighteenth anniversary is called the turquoise anniversary...what a beautiful anniversary.

...not that i usually send greeting cards to all my friends anniversaries...but this time...it was a bit  different...first of all, i was surprisingly invited to the wedding and not only it was a really amazing celebration...it was the start of a sincere friendship with both the bride and the groom.

while looking for some inspiration for gift wrapping and birthday cards for two birthday parties this month, i came across the turquoise fairy lights and thought this is quite a broad hint.

...i had to take it and started thinking of how i could make use of it.

as i mentioned earlier, i was about to make a couple of birhtday cards so i decided to make an anniversary card in the same style...

...a laminate sample and a heart (makes a lot of sense for a marriage anniversary)...and of course the turquoise fairy lights.

and this is what i made.

...how i made it, you can see in the following pictured tutorial.


 this is what you need

- laminate sample

- heart template

- fairy lights

- matching sequins

- transparent fabric

- pen

- scissors

- kraftpaper

- glue

- pins (not in the picture) 

this is what you have to do

- get your fabric, template and scissors ready

- place the template onto the fabric

- cut out two hearts

- in case you need to line your fabric, repeat with your lining

- you should have to hearts of each fabric

- hold the hearts in place with your pins...inner fabric inside and outer fabric outside

- sew the hearts together

- leave an opening for the fairy lights

- insert the fairy lights

- close the opening 

- close the seam with your sewing machine

- here it is

- a see-through fabric heart filled with fairy lights

- lightened up

- get the laminate sample and your scissors ready

- make a small cut above the hole of the laminate sample

- insert the cord of the fairy lights 

- here we go

- doesn't it look beautiful already...???

- some sequins added

- illuminated

- the backside of the greeting card...not that beautiful

- get your kraftpaper and your scissors ready and cut out a piece slightly smaller than the laminate sample

- write down your kind wishes

- get your laminate sample and your glue ready

- adhere the paper onto the backside of the laminate sample

- just underneath the pre-cut hole

- the paper covers the battery pack and enables the presentee to lighten the fairy lights

- and done...an amazing wedding anniversary card for a turquoise anniversary of eighteen years of marriage

- i hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and the idea of a greeting card with fairy lights...thank you very much for stopping by...best regards...silke

Sunday, 29 May 2016

birthday card, straight from the heart - gentlemen edition

handmade birthday cards perfect every personal gift.

they are easy to make and can be easily personalized, to match the taste and the personality of the presentee and the type and colour of the present.

... i can't help myself repurposing anything into something else,  but there are a few things which are worth to be repurposed into more than one other thing.

laminate samples...for example.

they are a great base for nearly everything and of course for personal birhtday cards.

you are more than welcome to have a look at my laminate sample address book and calendar.



this is what you need

- laminate sample

- heart template

- black touch-up pen

- black decoration sand

- mod podge

- brush

- card board

- pen

- paper clip

this is what you have to do

- place the template on the left corner of the laminate sample

- draw the outlines of the heart onto the laminate sample

- letter the sample...in german we call best wishes 'herzlichen gl├╝ckwunsch', which literally means heartfelt or wishes, therefore it is easy to include the drawn heart

- get your mod podge and your brush ready

- apply the mod podge to the inside of the drawn heart

- sprinkle the decoratio sand onto the glue ... for a more female verion of a birthday card, you can of coures use glitter instead

- remove the excess sand by placing the laminate sample upright

- and here we go

- the birthday card cover is done

- get your card board and your paper clip ready

- attach the the card board to the backside of the laminate sample and fix it with the paper clip...you may want to wish to apply some glue to keep the card board in place.

- inscribe your personal birthday wishes

- and that's it...the gentlemen version of a handmade birthday card made from a laminate sample

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for your visit...best regards...silke