Sunday, 30 September 2012

juicy mini chocolate cakes

devine juicy chocolate cakes

this recipe is actually made for muffin you can see it does not really make enough dough for my beautiful mini chocolate cakes...they are a bit flat though.

i am fortunate to call a thermomix my this recipe is also made for thermomixes...but i am pretty much sure a conventional blender will do, too.

this is what you need


200g butter
 70g cacao powder
1/8l water
220g flour
1tsp baking powder
280g sugar
   1 pinch of salt
     mark of one vanilla pod
   2 eggs
150g sour cream

this is what you have to do


- place butter into your thermomix bowl and melt butter for 3   minutes on speed 1 at 60 degrees.

- add cacao powder and water and mix for 20 seconds on speed 3.

- place all other incredients into our thermomix bowl and mix all  for 2 minutes on interval speed.

- pour in your quite fluid mixture into your mould, do not fill in more than 2/3.

- bake for 25 minutes at 160 degrees in a convection oven.
- enjoy.

the original recipe in german can be found here



Monday, 24 September 2012

peanut butter choco crossies

most of us have that one special recipe, you love to make again and again and again, because it is just so yummy.

... in my case it is the recipe of those gorgeous peanut butter choco crossies...i used to make them every time i was invited to a party or just a get-together, because i wasn't the only one being in love with them.

now...i guess...i am sometimes only invited to a party because of my choco crossies.

i hope you enjoy the very simply, but incredible yummy recipe.

this is what you need


300g       milk chocolate
50g        crunchy peanut butter
2 tbsp     brown sugar
100g       plain peanuts ( unsalted )
100g       cornflakes

this is what you have to do


- melt chocolate in a double boiler
- add peanut butter, sugar, peanuts and cornflakes
- allow the mixture to cool slightly
- portion into small praline cups using two teaspoons
- place in the fridge until firm
- enjoy the peanut butter choco crossies

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

gift wrapping idea for oddly shaped gifts

here is what you need to get started

- non-woven wallpaper
- paperclips
- pen
- scissors
- thread
- any round object to use as a template ( i used a placemat )


  - mark two of the same sized circles on the wallpaper 

   - cut them out

- pin your wallpaper circles left sides together

- sew along all "edges" of the "bag" but leave a gap of a few inches on the top

- place your gift inside

- sew the opening on he top using the same wide zig zag stitches

- remove the excessive wallpaper  

- customize the gift wrapping by decorating with flowers, ribbons, greeting cards or simply with a    name label

- i even use kraftpaper to do up a parcel