Wednesday, 23 December 2015

alternative wooden christmas tree

i really love my alternative wooden christmas tree.

about six or seven years ago, i saw this kind of christmas tree in a catalogue and immediatley fell in was soo expensive that i did not consider to order one, but to ask my dad to make a similar one for me.

that was ages before i started blogging, so i did neither think of taking any pictures, nor writting a tutorial...nevertheless...there are a few people out there who did and you are more than welcome to see how they created their beautiful christmas trees.

i wood stain painted my christmas tree to match my interior and as i am still into anything black, i decorated it with small black christmas balls and black tea lights ... good that some shops were selling black christmas decor stuff this year.

i did not want to overload the wooden tree and opted to either add a christmas or a candle on each "twig"

here a closer look at my christmas tree

- apart from the christmas balls and tea lights, i bought this beautiful black star and two really plain and rustic stars, which i also wood stain painted

the bunch of real twigs are actually still the ones, i used as the advent wreath with spoons, which i made two years ago

thank you very much for your visit ... merry christmas ... and very best regards ... silke