Monday, 18 July 2016

fairy lights greeting card 2.0

a superior version of the previous fairy lights greeting card...reloaded, in the matter of speaking. fabric and no sewing needed, just micro fairy lights.

the great thing about micro fairy lights is, that they can be twisted and shaped into nearly everything...especially into hearts.

to make them a little bit more special and to give the heart a little bit 3-dimensionality, i added some beaded wires, which are also easy to be twisted and shaped.

...the heart looks really stunning with the lights switched on but it also looks really beautiful when the lights are switched off...i am in love...!!!

this is what you need

- laminate sample

- two micro fairy lights

- two metalic beaded wire garlands

- alphabet stencil

- thin silver pen

- scissors

- kraftpaper

- glue

this is what you have to do

- get your beaded wires ready

- unwrap the wires

- twist and shape the wires into a heart shape

- add the second wire to the heart

- get the micro fairy lights ready

- unwrap the micro fairy lights

- add the micro fairy lights to the shaped heart

- get your laminate sample and your scissors ready

- make small cut above the pre-cut hole of the laminate sample

- pull the electric cord through the hole

- get yor stencil and your silver pen ready

- write down your wishes, using the stencils

- cover the battery pack at the backside of the greeting card with kraftpaper, please refer to:

i hope you like the reoaded version of the fairy lights greeting card 2.0 ... thank you very much for your regards...silke

Monday, 11 July 2016

rustic wedding decoration signs

a rustic wedding theme is great and i am sooo glad to be on the guest list of a special rustic was my first "next generation wedding", the wedding of my eldest nephew.

...a few rustic elements in combination with decent golden highlights were a part of my parents 50th wedding anniversary already...but a genuine wedding seems to be top of alle events.

the event was perfectly organised and planned by my sister-in law in cooperation with the groom and the bride...but i could not resist in crafting a little bit and added a few rustic signs to my wedding gift.

...for sure the newly married couple will have a lot of memories of their very special day...and maybe these signs will be a part of it.

this is what you need

- canvas

- rustic brick wallpaper

- staple gun

- handmade  concrete letters 

- dark grey paint

- sponge

- glue gun

this is what you have to do

- cover your canvas with the brick wallpaper


- get your handmade and painted concrete letters ready



- get your concrete letters and your glue gun ready

- adhere the letters onto the wallpaper covered canvas

- for the first sign i opted for the family name in combination with the wedding date in roman letters

- looks quite cool

for the second sign i opted for the first names of the couple in combination with the wedding date, written in our tradtional way.

- decorative signs can be customized, som they will suit any other wedding theme or occasion, they are a great way to decorate the party location and can be kept for the event of the anniversaries

i hope you have enjoyed the tutorial, got a little bit inspired and might visit me again...thank you very much for stopping regards...silke