Friday, 5 April 2013

rustic wooden board with fancy hooks

who could have thought that japanese door hooks are simply not made for german doors...i did not and learnt it the hard way, when i tried to mount my new door hooks, bought in a japanese shop in dubai.

...i had to come up with an idea how to use the hooks, because i really fell in love with those blackish diamond like once.

and here it rustic wooden board with a little bit of bling bling.

this is what you need

- rustic wood boards

- larger board as back surface

- door hooks

- wood stain paint

- brush

- ribbon

- stapler

- hotglue gun and hotglue sticks

- hammer and nails

- felt glides

this is what you have to do

- paint the wood boards with wood stain paint and let them dry

- paint your back surface and let it dry

- cut the ribbon

- attach the ribbon on top of the back surface board as the hanging


- glue the rustic boards onto the larger board


- secure it with nails

- cover the nails with felt glides to protect your door from scratches

- attach the hooks


- hang it on the door or on the wall

- use it as coat hanger or handbag stowage or key hoder


- enjoy it