Monday, 29 February 2016

another kraft paper flower

and yet another kraft paper flower tutorial.

again this one is quite simple, but yet could be easily done without a template but as esther from deko kitchen was kind enough to create one and to publish it, why not using it.

for the purpose of making giant paper flowers , i just had to resize the flower but just adding a few more larger petals.

the tutorials for the other paper flowers can be found here:

this is what you need

- kraft paper roll

- pencil

- eraser (just in case)

- scissors

- glue stick

- template

- gem stone (optional)

this is what you have to do

 - place the templates on the kraft paper

- draw the outlines of the petals onto the kraft paper

- cut out the petals

- you should have a variety of different sized petals

- get your pencil ready

- place the pencil in the middle of each single petal to slightly shape the petals

- the petals should be slightly folded inwards

- you could simple fold the petals in the middle to create a similiar shape

- apply glue onto the centre of the largest petals

- firmly press the smaller sized petal onto the glue 

- repeat with the remaining petals

- and that's it

- a gem stone could be added to the centre of the flower 

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for your