Tuesday, 11 December 2012

heart-shaped sugar cubes

..sugar cubes to match the occasion of any get-together and any colour of your table set-up...???
no problem, they are soooo easy to make and so beautiful.

this is what you need

- sugar

- brown sugar

- water

- food colouring

- two small bowls

- one teaspoon

- small silicone chocolate moulds

- patience

this is what you have to do

- place sugar in one of the bowls and water into the other one

- add a little water by using the teaspoon to the bowl of sugar and stir thoroughly

- be very careful and do not use too much water...the sugar might melt

- the texture of the mixture shouldn't be too smooth...more or less like a sandpit cake

- you can add some more water, if the mixture is too dry

- if you wish you can add some food colouring...which looks stunning

- place the mixture into the silicone moulds and press it firmly into the bottom of the mould...this is really important to do

- now you just need to be bit patient and let everything rest

- the next day remove the "cubes" from the mould and enjoy the little beauties


here i got the inspiration from