Monday, 8 February 2016

more giant kraft paper flowers

here it is...the next giant kraft paper flower..another part of the flower backdrop.

looking for different shapes of paper flowers to make the flower wall more intersting, i came along this beautiful one, which i really love.

...again it is easy to make, but again a little bit time consuming.

the tutorials for the other paper flowers can be found here:

this is what you need


- kraft paper(seven sheets a dinA 4)

- pencil

- eraser

- scissors

- glue stick

- template

this is what you have to do

- get one sheet of kraft paper ready

- fold the kraft paper lengthswise

- fold the left side towards the right middle, so another fold should be on the left side

- turn the paper around and create another fold on the other side

- you will find to folds on the left side

 - draw the large petal onto the folded paper, using the template


- only half of the petal has to be drawn, due to the fold 

- cut out the petals, one sheet will make two

- you will need eight of the large petals

- fold two more kraft paper sheets and draw small and meduimm sized petals according to the template

- again only half of petals need to drawn

- cut out the petals

 - in total you need eight large, four medium and four small petals

 - auf einem weiteren packpapierbogen einen miterlgro├čen kreis ausschneiden

- glue the first large petal onto the edge of the circle

- glue the second petal on the opposite side of the circle

- the third should be adhered in the middle of the first two petals

- the fourth petal opposite of the third one

- the remaining four petals should be adhered to inbetween the first four petals, but a little bit closer to the centre of the circle

 - so far so good

- the medium sized petals should be placed even more closer to the centre

- and the small petals should be glues directly in the middlem

 - optional you can add a gem stone to the centre of the flower

...and another paper flower is done and i am getting closer to the flower backdrop.

i hope you stayed tuned until the giant kraft paper wall flower wall is regards...silke