Tuesday, 31 March 2015

it's all about the fabric - grey outdoor sweaters

of course there is also a grey collection of padded of outdoor sweaters...grey is such a beautiful colour...and luckily the fabric manufactures share my opinion, so i am able to find some beauties every now and then.

these sweaters are really practial, can be worn with nearly everthing, are quick and easy to make...so i guess i will be keep on making, whenever i find a beautiful fabric.

some more pictures and information can be found on my fashion blog.


Sunday, 29 March 2015

it's all about the fabric - brown outdoor sweaters

in my opinion an extravagant fabric deserves a modest shape to bring out its beauty.

...so for me, who loves to keep it simple anyways, those fancy fabrics are a bless and i just can't leave them on the shelves and have to take them home.

sometimes this leads to keeping them in my fabric storage for quite some time...i always think, i should use different pattern as it would make me too uncreative and too boring, if i would keep on using the same pattern again and again.

...but then...i look at my already existing wardrobe, look at other pattern... and then go for my favourite ones, which i then do not regret at all.

never change a winning team.

so here you can find my brown outdoor sweater collection.

more pictures will be found on my fashion blog.


thank you very much for stopping by...my warmest regards...silke

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

one pattern - five colourful woolen jackets

quite some time ago, i promised to open my closet and created my very own fashion blog...not one of these professional sewing blogs, where you will find glossy fashion shoots and step-by-step tutorials...i have to leave this to those blogger with advanced sewing skills.

...i love to work with simple pattern...they are just perfect to highlight unique fabrics...with a few alterations here and there, they can look so different...they can be beautifully accessorized...and they encourage absolute beginners to make their own designer pieces.

one of my favourite pattern is the one of this very easy stand-up collar sweater and i would like to show you some of my variations, starting with some colourful woolen jackets.