Friday, 28 November 2014

upcycled glass bottle advent wreath

my last advent wreath this year...upcycled beer bottles in silver with a few branches of fir.

quite simple but nevertheless chic and unique and not only for men.

...actually this advent wreath is the closest to a traditional one...because of the fir branches of course...not because of the beer bottles.

this is what you need

- four glass bottles

- four silver candles

- four stainless steel trays or flat bowls

- fir branches

- silver balls

- matching christmas balls

- silver spray-paint

- letter stencils

- pen

- scissors

this is what you have to do

- get your glass bottles ready

- spray-paint the bottles

- they might need another coat

- and another coat

- get your stencils and your pen ready

- either write the numbers "one" to "four" in letters onto the front of the bottles or simply the numbers

- i chose the letters in german

- get your candles ready

- my candles do not fit into the opening of the bottles, so i decided to turn the candle upside down

- looks so much better than cutting them back with a knife

- start decorating your bowls or trays

- place the beer bottles inside...i needed to cheat a little, as two of my square bowls are to narrow for the bottles...i had to place a piece of carton on the rim of those bowls and place the bottles on top

- cut your fir branches into smaller pieces

- place them around the rim to hide the inside of the bowl


- like this, maybe

- add some of your christmas ornaments

- and some more on the table

- and that's it

- my nearly traditional advent wreath

i hope you enjoyed my tutorial...thank you very much for visiting regards...silke

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

no candle advent wreath

an advent wreath without candles...???

why not...???

i don't mind...of course there should be a light...actually four light sources...not that kind of led tea lights...they are too similiar to what about a whole bunch of lights...lights on a string...fairy lights.

...good idea...let's see what i have on hand...lights, glasses, miniature christmas balls...and...candle number pins...who says they need to be pinned onto candles...???

martini glasses placed on a slate tray, number pins placed in front of each glass, fairy lights placed into the glasses, christmas ball added...that's it...just light a fairy light each sunday and you have a perfect unconventional adventwreath.

this is what you need

- four martini glasses

- four battery powered fairy lights

- sliver and grey christmas balls

- four larger matching christmas ornaments (to hide the battery pack)

- set of numbers (i used stainless steel candle pins, i had on hand)

- large plain slate tile

this is what you have to do

- place the battery pack of the fairy light on the bottom of the martini glass

- add the string with the lights

- add the christmas balls

- place the larger ornament directly onto the battery pack

- place the numbers onto or in front of the tile or tray

- as i used candle pins, i could only lean them on the edge of the slate tile

- place one martini glasses behind each number

- that's it

- switch on one of the fairy lights advent sunday

- and it might look like that

- thank you very much for visitng me here...i hope you enjoyed your regards...silke

Monday, 24 November 2014

modest black advent wreath with picture frames

an advent wreath with picture frames...the idea for my first advent wreath this year and i finally got the chance to make it...looks like i was too busy with the making of all other advent wreaths.

it is quite simple to make and won't take much of your time.

the initially plan was to decorate this advent wreath with a few black christmas balls, but looking at the pictures of the final project...i had to admit, that i so prefer the no-frill looks so modestly stylish and somehow sophisticated.

...i think it makes a great advent wreath for men...i mean not only for men...but even so.

this is what you need

- four black simple picture frames

- four ball candles

- four paper clips, spray-painted in black

- four black tea light holders

- concrete letters, spray-painted in black

- decoration, optional

this is what you have to do

- turn your picture frame around

- remove the backing of the picture frame

- reassemble the entire picture frame

- turn the clips of the backing towards the inside of the frame

- get your paper clips ready

- mount the paper clip onto the bottom backing clip

- place the frame onto the paperclip, using it as a stand

- repeat with the other three frames

- arrange the picture frames as you like

- add the conrete letters to the arrangement

- place one of tea light holder behind each picture frame

- place the candles on top of the tea light holders

- you might want to decorate the arrangement

i wish all of you a beautiful advent time...thank you very much for stopping regards...silke