Tuesday, 31 October 2017

poesie album 2.0 challenge

the makeover of the original autograph books (we call it poesie album) is done, so why not re-establishing this wonderful tradition.

it seems to be really challenging, as our busy lives are taking place in different cities or even countries, so i had to come up with a more up to date version.

the "poesie album 2.0".

i requested my friends to share their poems, their quotes, their drawings, their scrap book ideas, their photos or any other memories they wanted to share by folded filling a DIN A 4 paper filled with and to either post it or e-mail them  to me and they will be bound into a modern version of the traditional poesie album.

the real challenge is to make the poesie album alive and this won't be possible without the contribution of all the dear people, who are willing to spend their time and effort to make it work.

to be an active social media user with a large network would be helpful at the stage 1 (making your project public), but a personal request directed to those you wish to participate in your challenge is crucial to turn this project into a personal memory.

as one of my colleagues volunteered straight away to put the beta version of the poesie album 2.0 in circulation at work, i thought i am trying to get my friends involved to spread the word around.

i'll keep my fingers crossed and keep you posted.