Thursday, 18 February 2016

even more giant kraft paper flowers

...and again some more giant kraft paper flowers...building a flower backdrop does require a  variety of different flowers in various shapes and sizes...and i am still exciting about creating new ones.

for this type of flower, you do neither need templates nor a talent for drawing...believe i am not blessed with any drawing talent and i could managed very well.

...they are really quick and easy to make...i am delighted.

this is what you need

- roll of kraft paper

- pencil

- eraser (just in case)

- scissors

- glue stick

- gem stone (optional)

this is what you have to do

- lay the kraft paper roll flat on your table and get your pencil and eraser ready

- draw a big flower onto the kraft paper

- add more flowers in different size

- cut out all flowers

- amount and sizes of the flowers can vary

- get your scissors ready

- curl the edges of the paper petals by pulling them over the blade of the open scissors

- the curled petals could look like this

- arrange the petals in order of size

- adhere the smallest petal on top of the second smallest petal, by applying some glue in the middle of the larger one

- continue with the remaining petals

- at the end you can add a gem stone in the middle of the flower

- the flower could look like this

step by step the flower backdrop grows and younare more than welcome to have a look at the other flowers right here.

thank you so much for your visit and very best regards until next time...silke