Friday, 31 May 2013


a classical lunchbag pattern...three simple woven plastic placemats...two handles...this is all you need for this handbag.

i decided to use a very simple lunchbag pattern and added some extra inches everywhere to make the bag big enough to carry my lunchbag inside. big advantage to work with plastic placemats is that they are quite sturdy, but still smooth enough to be sewn with your sewing machine.

in addition to the following pictures of the making of the handbag, you can find the tutorial of the lunchbag right here.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

oreo cake pops

sooo yummy and sooo easy make with only a few ingredients...oreo cookies, cream cheese and chocolate bark.

...but...the right ingredients are very important for the deliciousness... i had to learn it the hard way.

let me start with the cream cheese...please do not even think of using a light version...not yummy at all...big mistake...maybe i just chose the wrong light cream cheese, but i am not taking that risk again.

now, the chocolate bark...difficult, if you live in germany, as you do not have much of a choice...i always admired the really snow white coating i see in foreign recipes and i was sort of jealous, that i was unable to get any over here. you can imagine how thrilled i was, when i spotted the whitest chocolate bark, i've ever seen in germany and had to get as many packages i could get...i made much better choices in my life before...not only that the chocolate was very diffiult to handle, the coating turned out very thin and the taste...let me better not talk about the taste.

last but not least the cookies...i love oreos...the look, the taste, everything...but nowadays there are a big variety of oreo look-alikes and taste-alikes...the good news...they are just perfect for the cake pops, difference.

to cut this long story short, if you choose and cream-filled black cookies, simple tradtional cream cheese and tradtional white (a little bit yellowish)chocolate bark , these cake pops will be very delicous and very easy to make...i hope enjoy them, as much as i do.

this is what you need

- one package oreos or similiar cookies

- one package cream cheese

- white chocolate bark

this is what you have to do

- place cookies in a food processor to crush them finely

- stir in cream cheese step by step until the mixture is firm enough
  ( you might need far less than a package of cream cheese )

- roll the mixture into small balls 

- place them in the freezer for about half an hour

- melt chocolate bark in a double boiler

- dip the lollie sticks into the melted chocolate

- stick them halfway into the balls

- place them in the freezer for another five minutes

- dip the balls into the chocolate and let them dry

- have fun and enjoy

the inspiration of the oreo cake pops are from bakerella, the cake pop queen

Saturday, 11 May 2013

happy mother's day

such a brilliant idea for mother's day and a beautiful alternative to a traditional bunch of flowers.

...i wish i would have had this amazing idea myself...but i am just an admirer of the person who came up with the idea and so glad that i found the post.

heart shaped cookie cutters, soil, flowers and small plants is pretty much all you need.

happy mother's day.