Saturday, 29 December 2012

stylish black and white baroque envelope

...sometimes being unorganised seemed to be an essential condition for being creative.

i needed to post one of my bookmarks and they are quite small but very fragile...i wanted to make the parcel ready now...and of course i wasn't prepared to do so.

luckily i just received some craft materials in a small padded envelope, i thought i could easily reuse.

...while removing the adress labels, i realised it does not look nice at all and before i just make a simple label big enough to cover the damages...i decided to cover the entire envelope...and create a stunning black and white baroque envelope...the ladies at my local post office were impressed and it took them quite a while finding the right stamp and the best place for it to not interfere with the sweet.

this is what you need


- envelope

- decorative paper napkin with a beautiful print

- art potch ( special glue for napkin decoupage technique ), i guess mod podge will do, too

- brush

- scissors

- paper clue

- pen

- paper or paper lunch bag

- sealing wax

- sealing stamp

this is what you have to do 

 - remove the top layer of the paper napkin


- make sure you use the top layer, only the top layer


 - apply art potch to the upper side of the envelope, covering it fully

- place the envelope with the glue covered side onto the left side of the napkin layer and, having the pattern of the serviette in mind and try to keep it symmetric

- turn the envelope upside down so that you are facing the napkin

- apply art pouch on top of the napkin careful as the napkin is very thin and can tear might want to use a foam brush

- let it dry completely... it might take up to one hour

- cut around the envelope removing the access napkin

- fold the envelope into its original shape

- cut an adress label from a piece of paper

...i actually used a paper lunch bag...i don't need those paper lunch bags anymore and i like that the paper is a bit transparent and the beautiful pattern of the napkin shines through

- hand-letter the label 

- stick the label on the envelope with a regular paper glue

- light the wick of the sealing wax candle 

 - hold the waxstick directly on and over the middle of the seam of the enveleope

 - allow the melting wax to pull itself onto the project creating a pool large enough for the sealing coin

- emboss wax with your seal by pressing the coin into the wax, allow te wax to set and lift seal straight up

- if the wax won't let go of the seal, simply let your seal rest on the wax until the wax is completely cool, then lft your seal off

- and here it is a beautiful envelope, which brightens up the day of the recipients...

- enjoy...