Friday, 4 March 2016

kraft paper flowers, can't get enough of you

...i am still looking for some more giant paper flower ideas, which will look amazing on my paper flower wall and are easy to make.

ohhh yes...there are so many great tutorials and so far i could not get enough yet.

i thought this one would be difficult to make, but fortunately this isn't the case.

only two sheets of paper, three cuts and and a little bit of glue...done.

this is what you need


 - two square sheets of kraft paper

- pencil

- eraser (just in case)

- scissors

- glue stick

- gem stone (optional)


this is what you have to do


- fold the first square sheet of kraft paper into half

- fold the paper again 

- fold it one more time

- draw three lines onto the paper

- get your scissors ready

- cut along the drawn lines

- repeat with the second square sheet

- unfold the paper

- apply some glue on the bottom of the cuts close to the centre of the flower

- fold the middle pieces of each leave inwards and press firmly onto the glue

- it should look like this

- apply some glue onto the centre of the second leave

- fold the middle pieces inwards and adhere themm directly to the centre of the leave

- it should look like this

- apply some glue to onto the centre of the first leave

- place the second leave on top the first one and stick both pieces to each other

- isn't it beautiful..???

 - you can add a gem stone onto the centre of the flower

and here i found the tutorial of this beautiful flower: 

...another step closer to the completion of the kraft paper flower wall...i am so excited.

thank you very much for following the development of the flower back regards...silke