Friday, 18 December 2015

framed plywood guestbook

guestbooks are essential for each party...they are just a beautiful memory of a beautiful event.

...they are so easy to make yourself and can be personalized to suit the events and the hosts.

this time i chose to make one out of plywood and key rings...yeah...another hardware store project.

...the inserts of guest books can be designed by yourself or ordered online, depending on your time frame and your creativity.

this is what you need

- two pieces plywood

- drill

- two key rings

- guestbook inserts

- hole puncher

- black paint

- brush

- white frame

- super glue

- white pencil or pen

this is what you have to do

- get the plywood, the black paint and the brush ready

- paint all sides of each plywood piece

- let dry

- get your hole puncher and the guestbook inserts ready

- punch the inserts of the guestbook

-the holes should be placed in the centre of the left rim

- place one of the insert onto each sheet of plywood

- mark the position of the holes

- drill the holes into the plywood pieces

- it should look like this

- get your key rings ready

- open the key rings

- stick the key rings through the holes of the plywood piece, which you chose as your back cover

- add the guestbook inserts

- insert the plywood piece, which you chose as your book cover

- close the key rings

- get your frame and the super glue ready

- adhere the frame onto the centre of the guestbook cover

- and here we go

- your guestbook is ready

- optionally you can letter your guestbook 

inspiration for other guestbook ideas can be found right here:

thank you very much for stopping regards...silke