Wednesday, 16 December 2015

too many candles cake

how funny is that...a "too many candles cake"... just candles...too many candles and no more space for the actual cake...this is cracking me up. is simply impressive...simple and impressive.

there are a lot of 50th birthdays to come and for sure, i am going to make one for each and every birthday party.

...if this is something, you might consider making is a little hint...get yourself christmas tree candles instead of table candles.

they are way smaller, much easier to handle and less expensive.

this is what you need

- fifty christmas tree candles

- elastic band

- satin ribbon

- scissors

- small cake stand

this is what you have to do

- get your elastic band and your scissors ready

- cut the elastic into your desired length, i chose to wrap the elastic twice around the bunch of candles

- create a loop by tying the elastic band

- get your fifty candles ready

- place as many candles in one of your hands as you are able to hold and fix them with your elastic loop

- place the remaining candles into the bunch, candle by candle

- here we go

- get your satin ribbon and your scissors ready

- cut your ribbon into your desired length

- place the ribbon on top of the elastic and make a bow

- get yor cake stand ready

- place the bunch of candles onto the cake stand and adjust the length of the ribbon, if necessary

- et voila

- the "too many candles cake" is done

- isn't it beautiful...???

the inspiration for the "too many candles cake" was found here.

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial and may surprise someone with this special "cake"

thank you very much for visiting me regards...silke