Tuesday, 15 December 2015

framed birthday card

if you are looking for a fancy birthday card or a nice way to present your money gift, there are many options...some are better than others

you can easily make your own, but there are a few really cool ones out in the net...so...i decided to show my favorites.

...placed in a picture frame, they can be added to the table together with the other centerpieces.

the first sign or birthday card is designed by myself and made with a poster app on my ipad.

the next one is my absolute favourite and i found it on easy...it is meant to be a shirt print, but makes such a cool sign or card


this one is quite similar and also quite cool...but i just really love black, so i still prefer the other one

close to the others and still cool

hahaha...this one makes a great birthday invitation, but i guess you won't be able to send it everyone...some of your guests might not like it the way, you might do

anyhow...if it comes to milestone birthday, a great birthday card in a frame should not be missing on the birthday present table

this is how i created one

hopefully i was able to inspire you a little bit...thanks for visiting me here...best regards...silke