Thursday, 17 December 2015

stripped concrete numbers with sequins

of course numbers are a must for any milestone birthday celebration.

the possibilities are endless...cardboard, metal, wood, concrete, wire, yarn, and so on.

...i decided to go for my favourite concrete alternative, which is called moulding compound, it turns out smooth, even and pure white...if you are planning to go for a black and white design, i does save you a bit of painting.

the colour gold is another must for any 50th anniversary...for weddings and for birthdays...and sprinkling a few golden sequins onto the black and white striped numbers seemed to be a great idea.

this is what you need

- moulding compound

- silicone number moulds 

- rubber bowl

- water

- swizzles stick

- tape

- scissors

- black paint

 - brush

- golden sequins

- glue

this is what you have to do

- pour moulding powder an water into the rubber bowl and stir thoroughly, according to the instructions on the package

- pour the liquid into the silicone moulds and let dry

- carefully remove the numbers by flipping the silicone moulds

- aren't they beautiful

- get your tape and scissors ready

- cover the numbers with stripes of the tape to mark the section, you want to paint

- cut the strips, using your scissors

- it might look like this 

- and this

- get your paint and brush ready

- start painting the letter, leaving out the tape covered parts

- carefully remove the tape strips

- also paint the all sides of the numbers

- get your glue and your sequins ready

- add the sequins to your striped numbers

- and that's it

i hope you enjoyed the are more than welcome to take a look at the entire milestone decoration...thank you very much for stopping regards...silke