Friday, 28 November 2014

upcycled glass bottle advent wreath

my last advent wreath this year...upcycled beer bottles in silver with a few branches of fir.

quite simple but nevertheless chic and unique and not only for men.

...actually this advent wreath is the closest to a traditional one...because of the fir branches of course...not because of the beer bottles.

this is what you need

- four glass bottles

- four silver candles

- four stainless steel trays or flat bowls

- fir branches

- silver balls

- matching christmas balls

- silver spray-paint

- letter stencils

- pen

- scissors

this is what you have to do

- get your glass bottles ready

- spray-paint the bottles

- they might need another coat

- and another coat

- get your stencils and your pen ready

- either write the numbers "one" to "four" in letters onto the front of the bottles or simply the numbers

- i chose the letters in german

- get your candles ready

- my candles do not fit into the opening of the bottles, so i decided to turn the candle upside down

- looks so much better than cutting them back with a knife

- start decorating your bowls or trays

- place the beer bottles inside...i needed to cheat a little, as two of my square bowls are to narrow for the bottles...i had to place a piece of carton on the rim of those bowls and place the bottles on top

- cut your fir branches into smaller pieces

- place them around the rim to hide the inside of the bowl


- like this, maybe

- add some of your christmas ornaments

- and some more on the table

- and that's it

- my nearly traditional advent wreath

i hope you enjoyed my tutorial...thank you very much for visiting regards...silke