Monday, 17 November 2014

copper pipe advent wreath

my second advent wreath this year....a copper pipe advent wreath.

...using copper pipes from the hardware store to make candle holders isn't really new...but still an amazing thing to do and a perfect alternative to traditional advent wreaths.

other than most other crafters, i did not use any of the actual pipes...i only chose the fittings, which saved me some sawing...yes...i was just  too lazy to do so...but i did spent quite some time at the hardware store and tried different pieces in different ways and finally came with the design, i am very happy with.

to be on the save side, i would highly recommend to mount the pipes on a tray or board to avoid falling apart...i managed to do it without, but would still recommend to do so.

...the decoration can be simple or fancy...this totally depends on your taste and the supply you have on hand.

recently i am a bit into lettering and could not resist using some handmade "a d v e n t" letters, which i painted with copper paint.

i hope you do enjoy the idea and the pictured tutorial and maybe you are curious enough to return for the next few advent wreaths, which will follow soon.

thanks you very much for stopping by and best regards...silke

this is what you need

- copper fittings (1 tee, 2 elbows, 6 over bridges)

- glue

- four candles

- handmade (letters)

- copper paint

- brush

- copper sequins

- small copper christmas balls

this is what you have to do

- paint the letters

- apply some glue onto the edges of the copper fittings before assemble them

- let the glue completely dry

- in case your candles do not fit into the fittings, use a knife to cut back the bottom parts of your candles

- they might look like that 

- place the candles into the candle holder

- decorate 

- as mentioned earlier it is recommended to mount the candle holder onto a tray or board to avoid falling apart

the inspiration for the advent wreath can be found here: