Tuesday, 25 November 2014

no candle advent wreath

an advent wreath without candles...???

why not...???

i don't mind...of course there should be a light...actually four light sources...not that kind of led tea lights...they are too similiar to candles...so what about a whole bunch of lights...lights on a string...fairy lights.

...good idea...let's see what i have on hand...lights, glasses, miniature christmas balls...and...candle number pins...who says they need to be pinned onto candles...???

martini glasses placed on a slate tray, number pins placed in front of each glass, fairy lights placed into the glasses, christmas ball added...that's it...just light a fairy light each sunday and you have a perfect unconventional adventwreath.

this is what you need

- four martini glasses

- four battery powered fairy lights

- sliver and grey christmas balls

- four larger matching christmas ornaments (to hide the battery pack)

- set of numbers (i used stainless steel candle pins, i had on hand)

- large plain slate tile

this is what you have to do

- place the battery pack of the fairy light on the bottom of the martini glass

- add the string with the lights

- add the christmas balls

- place the larger ornament directly onto the battery pack

- place the numbers onto or in front of the tile or tray

- as i used candle pins, i could only lean them on the edge of the slate tile

- place one martini glasses behind each number

- that's it

- switch on one of the fairy lights advent sunday

- and it might look like that

- thank you very much for visitng me here...i hope you enjoyed your stay...best regards...silke