Friday, 7 November 2014

gold dipped rustic wood advent wreath

after last years advent calender sessions...this november is dedicated to advent wreaths...or actually advent wreath alternatives...basically anything which contains four candles.

...there are sooo many great ideas and it honestly took me a while to choose only a few and even longer, which one to start with.

i decided to begin with a very simple but beautiful rustic one, gold dipped wooden log with matching ball candles.

...i would have loved to use even more rustic wood, something you would be able to find in the forest, but i had to go for more sleek one, which i could easily get in a hardware store.

even though it is quite obvious what i did...saw...paint...dab...assemble...i still have a pictured tutorial for you , which i hope you will enjoy...

this is what you need

- wooden stake

- saw

- sand paper

- wood stain paint

- sponge

- ruler

- pen

- four golden ball candles

- golden paint

this is what you have to do

- saw the log into four different sized pieces

- sand the wooden pieces

- paint the wooden stakes with wooden staint paint

- let completely dry

- apply your gold paint onto a sponge 

start dabbing the bottom part of each log

- let dry 

- place one candle onto each wooden piece

- decorate 

that's about it...easy to make and beautiful to look at...i like...

the inspiration for this project i got from here: