Wednesday, 19 November 2014

pearlescent behind glass advent wreath

i sooo like this one...this advent wreath is sooo unique and special.

...actually i was just thinking about a project to upcycle the glass pane of the large picture frame, which i repurposed into a ring storage ... i was thinking and thinking and finally came up with the idea of the behind glass advent wreath.

recalling my crafting supply, i remembered my baroque ornament moulds, which i got to create a necklace and then i fell in love with the idea of making my own frames. can easily skip that part and buy some small readymade picture frames...but it really had fun making them myself.

i gathered all other needed supply, which i luckily had on hand already and started spraying and painting...if you follow my tutorial you will notice that i had to change a few things...again the project developed within the creating process...i sort of like never actually know how a project turn out, until it is finished.

... i hope you enjoy the idea of the alternative advent wreath behind glass and my pictured tutorial...thank you so much for stopping by and best regards...silke.

this is what you need

- large glass pane (upcycled from a picture frame)

- handmade ornaments or small picture frames

- pearlescent spray-paint

- hot glue

- pearlescent christmas balls

- other pearlescent decoration articles

- four small candles 

- two paper clips

this what you have to do

- spay-paint your ornaments

- the paint i used i called diamond spray-paint but has a more pearlescent touch and contains some glitter parts...pretty.

- let everything dry completely

- spray-paint the paper clips on both sides

- let dry completely

- arrange the ornaments to four different shaped frames

- maybe like this

- and like this

- and like this

- and like this

- place the frames onto the glass panel 

- hot glue the ornaments onto the glass

- here we go

- place one of the paper clips onto each bottom side corner of the glass panel to hold the glass panel

- start decorating the the front and the back side of the panel, placing the candles behind the glass

- as you may notice the small ball candles are way too large for the frames and need to be replaced

- using plain tea lights seemed a much better option...i tried to place them on pearly holders, but that was way too much.

- looking a the final design, i decided the glass panel would look with a sort of frosted look

- so the upper part of the glass was also spray-painted 

- ohh so lovely

- i like...!!!

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial and i am looking forward seeing you soon for further advent wreath regards...silke