Thursday, 20 November 2014

steel spoon advent wreath

when i first saw a picture of soup ladles repurposed into candle holders, i was absolutely amazed and i was sure i need to make this myself.

as i could not find any rustic old ones, i had to go to the dollar (euro) store and just bought four big ones, but decided to use only two of them and two smaller ones, which i already had at home. initial intention was to use a fruit crate to display the ladles and the bling bling snowflakes...i tried an arrangement inside the crate and one on the outer wall of the crate...but at the end, i chose the wall...which turned my advent wreath into a wall advent wreath.

you can see there are quite some options and maybe i am going to chance it back and forward a couple of times.

...i did add some pictures of the other arrangements and i hope you will enjoy it...thank you very much for your regards silke

this is what you need

- four soup ladles (two largers ones and two shorter ones)

- a few twigs

- transparent tape or a beautiful ribbon

- four smal ball candles

- seven s hooks

- three matching christmas ornaments or snowflakes

this is what you have to do

- get your twigs ready

- sheave your twigs 

- get your tape or ribbon ready

- bundle your twigs with the tape or ribbon

- hang the twig bundle on the wall

- add the first two soup ladles using two of the hooks

- add two more ladles using two more hooks

- place the candles into soup spoons

- add your christmas decoration

- rearrange the setting until you are happy with it

i hope you enjoyed visting my blog and hope to see you soon regards...silke

here i found the inspiration for this beautiful project: