Wednesday, 23 April 2014

cork and curtain rail holder cake stand

stainless steel curtain rail holder and three cork plates...this is pretty much all you need for a simple but unique cake stand...actually more a cookie, praline or cupcake stand, as i guess a cake would be too heavy for it.

...i do like the idea of having the connecting part of the plates on the side instead of in the centre of the plates.

this is what you need

- three cork plates in different sizes, or even same size

- stainless curtain rod bracket

- screws

- screwdriver

- felt pads

this is what you have to do

- reassemble the curtain rail holder into all its parts

- it usually conatins of a stand, a cover of the stand, the rod and tiny screws

- attach the foot of the bracket onto the cork, using your screws

- no drilling is required if you use cork plates, as the material is quite soft

- you might have to shorten the screws, in case they are too long

- place the cover onto the foot of the bracket

- attach the curtain rail holder onto the foot

- get one or two felt pads ready

- adhere the felt pad onto the cork plate, to fill the space in between the plate and the holder

- insert the cork plate 

- prepeat with the top cork plate

- it should look like this


i hope you enjoyed the alternative to a tradional cake stand and its regards...silke