Thursday, 1 May 2014

fashionable layered necklace

...unique and stylish...repurposed and upcycled...quick and easy.
this is exactly the way i love crafting.

with only little inexpensive hardware store and craft shop supply, you can easily create your own precious jewellery.

while searching my apartment for a suitable pendant for the necklace...i found this christmas tree decoration, which was actually repurposed decoration for my shower curtain. grey is my absolute favourite colour and the rope and the pendant are just matching so well...i decided to keep the original colour, but you can also spray-paint the necklace in any other fancy colour to suit your wardrobe.

this is what you need

- clothesline

- pliers

- 2 ribbon clamps

- 3 jump rings

- 1 trigger clap

- fancy pendant

this is what you have to do

- cut the clothesline with your pliers

- you need seven strings in seven different lenghts

- place all seven ends into one of the ribbon clamp

- firmly squeeze the ribbon clamps together, using your pliers

- get one of the jump rings and your pendant ready

- attach the jump ring to the pendant

- attach the pendant to the top layer of the clothesline

- pull it into the midlle of the string

- attach the ribbon clamp to the other ends of the strings

- firmly squeeze the ribbon clamps, using your pliers

- get another jump ring and the trigger clap ready

- attach the jump ring to the trigger clap

- attach both to the ribbon clamp

- attach the last jump ring to the ribbon clamp of the other side of the necklace

- close the necklace

- and here we go

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial and maybe also the repurposed clothesline regards...silke