Wednesday, 9 April 2014

dehydrated fruit chips

...after my sweet and sour apple chips, i was curious to find out how other fruit chips will be.

very much delicious with nearly any kind of fruit to be successfull.

i made some strawberry, kiwi, plum, pineapple and pear chips and can't wait for other delicious fruits to follow.

this time i did not use my oven, i reactivated my old inexpensive dehydrator and was surprised to see that it still works. dehydrator is many years old, does neither have a temperature control nor a timer, only five trays...and still makes really good fruit chips...i am so happy to realise, that i do not need any of the high-end models.

strawberry chips

kiwi chips

pineapple chips

plum chips

pear chips

this is what you need

- fresh fruits

- mandoline slicer

- peeler

this is what you have to do

- fruits with a non-edible skin need to be peeled

- fruits with edible skin need to be washed thoroughly

- cut the fruits into thin slices

- place the slices onto the trays of your dehydrator 

- let them dry over night...mine only has a on-and-off switch, so i can't give a temperature and a time

- the fruit chips are ready, when crispy like chips

if you don't have a dehydrator, you can also prepare fruit chips in your oven like i did with my apple-cinnamon-lemon-chips.

these fruit chips are really yummy and a perfect little snack on the go...enjoy and best regards...silke