Monday, 14 April 2014

switch frame-photo frame

...and another hardware store inspired frames made from switch frames.

isn't it quite obvious that switch frames would make cute photo frames...i think so.

they look very nice if only painted in simple matt black...but i felt more like decorating them a little bit. i chose to use a few of my own photos from the good old eighties...i got a little bit inspired by the very 'decent' jewellery i wore at that time...oh my god...i very much enjoyed looking like a decorated christmas tree when i was younger

it wasn't very difficult to find some 'pearl-like' craft supply, some pretty much inexpensive fake pearl jewellery and glittery pearl diamond spray i just started painting and gluing.

this is what you need

- switch frame panels in various sizes

- photos in the size of the frames

- pearly diamond spray paint

- fake pearls and pearly craft supply

- super glue

this is what you have to do

- spray-paint your frames

- if you are crafting inside, spray-painting inside a carton is a great idea

- the diamond spray gives the frames a perfect pearly finish

- adhere some pearls to the inside of the frames

- turn the frame panel around and glue the pictures onto the backside of the frame

- decorate the windows without photos with the remaining jewellery

- and here we go: diamond-and-pearls-switch-frame-photo-frames

- i actually mounted the frames onto a shiny grey handmade memoboard, but you can hang them directly to your wall

there is a wide range of different switch frames available and to decorate the frames according to the chosen photos is a lot of fun...maybe you have a great theme for your frames already...enjoy your regards...silke