Wednesday, 2 April 2014

stylish wall storage for shoes and handbags

sometimes it is just not possible to stick to your own resloutions...i really tried to keep my bedroom modest and decent...only my bed...a bedside table...and a little bit of decoration.

...after more than seven years i had to gave up and admit that my walk-in closet is not big enough anymore and that i have to outsource some of my stuff.

step by step i had to transfer some necklaces...some shoes...some handbags...and some clothes to my bedroom... i am not sure about what to choose...but at least i had an idea how to do it in style...

...styrofoam crown molding for the shoes and styrofoam consoles for the handbags.

it is as easy at it looks like...

this is what you need

- styrofoam crown molding

- styrofoam wall console hanger

- saw ( optional )

- paint

- brush

- nails

- hammer

- folding ruler

- level

this what you have to do

- cut your molding to size, if required

- paint all sides of your moldings

- nail the moldings onto your wall

- decorate them with your favourite heels

my inspiration for this gorgeous shoe storages can be found here:

how to use styrofoam consoles for additional handbag storage can be found here:

how to use canvas and drawer pull for necklace storage can be found here:

in case you are looking for some organization ideas and storage solutions, i hope you got a little bit regards...silke