Thursday, 29 August 2013

one day...15671 views

...and another year, one week, one day...i am now blogging since 373 days and i still love it...really really love it.

thank you everyone for stopping by once in a while

...creating and crafting is a pleasure already...taking photos of every step, editing the pictures and adding the description is a lot of i wouldn't mind doing that blogging thing just for is so nice to have an audience and to be able to share my projects.

thank you...thank you...thank you

even though this is an anniversary still comes with a tutorial.

...there are so many concrete and cement crafts going on and it was very hard for me to resist the temptation to try it myself...too hard...which means, i could not resist.

i opted for the simple quick set cement and just added some glamour to the rough look.

this is what you need

- quick set cement

- water

- rubber or silicone bowl

- simple glue

- sparkling deco sand or glitter

- silicone ice tray

- swizzle stick

- spatula

- two glasses in the same size

this is what you have to do

- fill up one of the glasses with quick set cement and the other glass half with water

- place water and cement into the rubber bowl and stir thoroughly, the mixture should have the consistence like a cake dough.

- pour the cement mix into the ice tray and remove excess with a spatula

- let the cement set before popping out of the mould and let it dry completely

- the letters turned out dark grey, when i removed them from the mould, they developed some light spots, before they turned into a light grey.

- get yourself some simple glue and some sparkling deco sand or glitter to decorate the raw cement letters

- cover the entire top of the letter with glue

- springle the sparkles all over the glue overed letter

- let dry completely

- remove excess topping after the glue has dried

- another option to pimp you cement letters is adding some pearl like beads

my inspiration for the cement or concrete letters comes from here