Monday, 19 August 2013

literally beautiful memories

photo albums and or guestbooks covered with fabric and marked with wooden there a better way to keep memories of an amazing happening or an unforgettable time...???

...quite obvious that this projekt isn't brandnew anymore...but nevertheless created with a lot of love.

to give the memories of the golden wedding anniversary of my parents and the most special moments of their life that very special something...i decided to make a photo album and a guestbook matching the colour scheme of the decoration. the way...eventhough i am in truly in love with the colour grey, i honestly considered the colours white and gold for the decorating...gosh, how i went back to grey and what can i say, everything turned out very elegant.

back to covering the books with is really easy...but the results are very old fashioned recipe books are also covered and just waiting for the letters...could not make up my mind yet, if they will be in german or in english.

here comes a little tutorial for you and i hope you do enjoy it as much as i did.

very best regards...silke

this is what you need

- photo album, guestbook, notebook or any other book

- fabric

- scissors

- spray-adhesive

- wooden letters

- gold paint

- brush

- super glue

this is what you have to do

- paint the wooden letters

-it should be sufficient to only paint the front and all visible sides

- lay your book open onto the inner side of the fabric

- cut out a rectangle larger than the size of the book

- spray the back side of the book with spray-adhesive

- place the closed book on one end

- press the book firmly down and ensure the fabric is smooth and adhered to the book cover

- flip the book over and spray the front side including the spine with spray adhesive

- cut out a smal rectangle on both ends of the spine

- wrap the fabric around the front of the book

- fold the fabric tightly over the edges and adhere the flaps with super glue

- if your fabric is rather thick, better cut out a triangle before folding

 - press the left over tabs of the fabric down into the gap between the cover and the binding

- cut two pieces of strong paper slightly smaller than the book cover

- that works out with scissors, too !!!

- glue one of each on the inside of each book cover to hide the fabric edges

- repeat with the opposite book cover

- affix the wooden letters with super glue onto the front cover

- enjoy your beautiful fabric covered book