Tuesday, 27 August 2013

padded jewellery storage

...being in desperate need of a necklace storage...i was looking for some elegant door knobs and drawer pulls...of course in black...and i was actually successful and started gluing, stapling, drilling and screwing.

after finishing the first board...i figured out that i could have made it a lot easier and cheaper, too.

...at the end i did not mind...as i really like the result anyways.

so...here comes the tutorial...please ignore the canvas part...this is what you actually do not need at all...you can easily use a wooden board on its own.

i hope you enjoy it...even though the photos taken are only temporary, as done during my vacation at my parent's house...as soon as i get the chance i will post some pictures of the hanging in my own place with hopefully having room for all my necklaces.

so...stay tuned...

- on the wall of the guest room at my parent's house

 - a close up

- and even closer

this is what you need

- no canvas

- wooden board

- padding

- fabric

- door knobs and drawer pulls

- no glue

- ribbon

- stapler

- scissors

- saw

- drill

this is what you have to do

- no gluing of a wooden board into a canvas

- cut padding larger than the wooden board

- affix the padding onto the board using a stapler

- cut the fabric in the same size as the padding

- lay your padded onto the inner side of the fabric

- staple it tightly onto all four sides of the boards

- fold the edges neatly

- it should look like this somehow...or even better

- and like this

- cut a ribbon for the suspension

- staple one end of the ribbon onto the top of the board

- and onto the other end to create a loop

- arrange the door knobs and drawer pulls as you like

- mark where you wish to have your holes drilled

- it did not work for me to pierce a hole through the fabric covered side, so i had to transfer the marks to the back side of the board and drilled from there

- screw all pulls and knobs and tighten the same

- the tighter they are, the more you will get that upholstered look

- aren't they beautiful...???

- i really think they are

- you might need to saw some of the screws, so they all will have the same length and the board will lay flat on your wall