Thursday, 5 September 2013

white chocolate toffee cake ball variations

cake balls...i am still in love with those tiny little sweet treats... was just time for some changes...the traditional crumbled cake and cream cheese needed some competition.

for a lighter and less messy version, i bought myself some silicone cake ball moulds...i was a little bit tempted to go for the cake pop maker...but it would have been just another "something maker", which takes up a lot of space...i do need that kitchen space for all other kitchen gadgets to come.

...the first time i made them, they turned out really pretty, so i thought i am going to make them again and post the results...hahahaha...

this time, i did not pay attention to the fact, that the silicone moulds are not cake tins and that i have to adjust the baking time accordingly..i did not. a result, i managed to make seven balls, only and and a lot of crumbles. might have guessed, what i did with the cake crumbles...yes...i made some traditionally cake pops, too...oh my god...they were so yummy...and they tasted somehow like white chocolate twix.

for the baked cake balls i actually used the recipe of my anniversary cake, which will be found here

 and they should be baked for 25 minutes.

a combination of the cake balls...baked, not baked...chocolate covered, not covered...decorated with brittles, not decorated...and i loved all of them...

these are the seven baked cake balls, by the way...quite pretty though

this is what you need for the traditonal cake balls

- some extra chopped soft toffees

- 1 cup icing sugar

- 2 tablespoon softened butter

- 2 tablespoon cream

- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

- pinch of salt

- white chocolate coating

- brittle to decorate

this is what you have to do

butter cream

- beat together butter and icing sugar

- add vanilla, salt and cream

- mix until the butter cream has reached the consistency you prefer

- stir in cake crumble and chopped toffees step by step until the mixture is firm enough
  ( you might need far less of the butter cream )

- roll the mixture into small balls 

- place them in the freezer for about half an hour

- melt chocolate bark in a double boiler

- dip the balls into the chocolate and let them dry

- have fun and enjoy