Wednesday, 30 July 2014

notebooks made from vinyl flooring

i am not really sure if these vinyl flooring samples are usually for sale...i found them in a hardware store which closed down and just asked if i could get them...and i could.

...not having any clue what to do with the samples, i was still very happy to have them in my craft stock.

as i just love to make really useful stuff...i decided to make some notebooks...journals, photo albums, guest books, notepads, shopping lists, address books, birthday calendars and even advent calendars...this is what they are also good for.

...the material is surprisingly were easy to big deal to cut or to punch it...and even though i haven't tried, i think it is quite easy to sew with your sewing machine, too.

due to the faux wood look they do make very nice gifts for men, but are also a great for women, who are not that into all that bling-bling or just want to have a change...

they are so quick and easy to make and as i made some advent calendars last year already, you can find the full pictured tutorial right here:

i hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as i did...thanks a lot for stopping regards...silke

 this is what vinyl flooring samples look like..just in case you have no idea what i am writing about.