Wednesday, 23 July 2014

lady of the rings

i recently rediscovered my fancy ring collection and decided they are worth to be shown off as well.

pipe isolation and a picture frame...i thought this could work...and luckily it did.

my backup plan to use painting rolls was in place, but only remained to be my plan b, which did not come into use.

this is what you need

- picture frame

- foam pipe insulation

- glue (double sided tape, if you intend to reuse your picture frame), hot glue if not

- craft knife

- scissors

this is what you have to do

- cut your foam pipe isolation in the length of your picture frame

- cut the foam lengthwise along the seam

- make another cut on the opposite side to divide the foam into two halves

- cut four pieces of the double-sided adhesive tape

- place the sticky part of the tape along the cutting edge

- peel off the backing paper

- adhere the first half of the foam pipe into fhe picture frame

- repeat with the second one

- use your craft knife to cut small notches into the centre of the foam pipes

- place your rings into the notches

that's do have a beautiful solution to present and stow your rings.

I hope you enjoyed my regards...silke