Monday, 7 July 2014

chalkboard hoops

embroidery hoops...they are just asking for wall art craft...i do prefer craft you can actually make use of and not just being beautiful and the only thing you can do with than looking at it.

...a memoboard would make sense...but it had to be different to all the memoboards, i already made.

so what about a chalkboard...i did like the idea and while looking for chalk cloth fabric, i figured out that i am by far not the only one, thinking of that.

anyways, i made my chalkboard hoops and show you are easy they are to make.

this is what you need

- embroidery hoops

- chalkboard cloths

- hot glue gun

- metallic paint

- brush

- scissors

- screwdriver

- paperclips

- chalk pen

- sponge

this is what you have to do

- get your embroidery hoops and your paint ready

- paint the outer ring of the frame

- cut your fabric to cover the hoop

- it should be slighter larger than your hoop

- place the chalkboard cloth onto the outer hoop, right side facing the hoop

- place the inner ring of the hoop into the center of the outer ring, facing the wrong side

- push the inner ring firmly into the outer ring

- pull the chalkboard cloth taut and tighten it

- there should not be any wrinkles

- thighten the metal screw of the tightening device

- cut off the excess fabric

- leave a border of about 0,5 inch

- fold back the remaining access fabric 

- hot glue in onto the inner ring

- that's it

- label your chalkboard with a chalkpen

- add a fancy sponge and your chalkpen onto your chalkboard hoops using large paperclips

thank you so much for stopping by and for being interested in my tutorial, which i hope you have enjoyed...warmest regards...silke