Wednesday, 6 August 2014

crochet clothesline handbag

black could i resist...i had to take all i could find, not initially knowing what to do with them...first i was thinking of another set of placemats, but i made a few black ones already and skipped that idea.

...going through my craft material, i came across those shiny black handbag handles and decided to crochet another can never own enough handbags, right???

it was really simple to make and i love it.

this what you need

- five clotheslines twenty meters

- two handbag handles

- one large crochet hook

this is what you have to do

- start by working chain stitches in your desired length

- turn your work over

- continue the following rows with single stitches or half double stitches

- i used single crochet stitches

- after a few rows start increasing your stitches every row until you have reached the intended size of your bag.

- continue decreasing your stitches again to create the backside of the bag.

- if you are not happy with the edges...

...add single crochet stitches all around your work

- fold your work into two halves with the right side outside

- stitch the seams together

- ensure the seams are lined up and even and that the pattern match

- add the handbag handles, using the clothesline only

- add the second handle

- and you are done

- thanks for stopping by and enjoy your new crochet regards...silke