Sunday, 1 December 2013

advent decoration...a funky alternative to wreaths

... nothing against traditional advent wreaths...but it does not always have to be a wreath, if it comes to festive advent decoration.

this year it should be something different...something metallic, cool and stylish.

i found some beautiful silver "advent" letters, which i had to far so good...but...i felt pretty much uncreative and had to do one myself.

i did some researches and luckily found the inspiration for this amazing letters...they are sooo stylish and soooo cool...i love them. far i could not make up my mind how to display the letters...too many options...but i still have a lot of time and my change it around anyways.

this is what you need

- card boxes

- metallic paint

- gimlet

- letter stencils

- six long screws

- six flat washer

- six nuts

- brush

- pen

- big scissors

- smaller scissors

- swizzle stick

this is what you have to do

- place the stencil onto a cardboard and draw the letter

- try to fit as many letters as possible on one single card box, as you need quite a number of them

- start cutting out the might want to use bigger and stronger scicssors for the rough parts

- to use smaller scissors might be a good idea for the more delicate parts

- it is up to you how many layers you need...i suggest at least ten layers per letter

 - stir the paint thoroughly, using a swizzle stick

- paint the front side of one of the letters

- and the back side of another letter

- use gimlet to bore a hole in the last layer of the card box stack

- repeat with the first layer of the stack

- and finally all the layers in between

- get one of your screws, one of your flat washers and one of your nuts ready

- stick the screw through the entire card box stack

- fasten the nut in the backside of the letter stack

- paint the edges of each card box letter stack

- if you don't fancy the rustic and shabby look, if the card box shines through, you might want to paint each and every layer or glue them all together

- check out if  the letters are able to stand alone

- remove the excess, if needed

- unfortunately i only figured out that all letters show a quite obvious kink, after photoshopping the i had to add one more layer

- and as i found a even more metallic and silver paint...i added a last coat of paint to all layers of all was so worth it

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial...warmest regards...silke

this where i got the inspiration from