Friday, 29 November 2013

last minute gingerbread advent calendar

...if you still need an advent do not have much time left...and i figured out after all these advent calendar crafting this year...the most time consuming part of a selfmade one, is the filling...twenty-four ideas...most probably twenty-four brilliant, i guess you agree with me crafting is the fun part and the filling is really hard work.

so why not making one, which does not require any, isn't it...???

baking an advent calendar seems to be the solution.

...if you choose a gingerbread dough, you can't do anything wrong...gingerbread cookies lasts long enough, you can easily stamp the cookies or you decorate them with icing.

you can find a very simply and really delicious recipe here is meant for thermomixes, but if you are using any other strong blender, you shoud be fine, too.