Friday, 13 December 2013

traditional christmas cookie goes cake ball

lebkuchen...spekulatius...pfeffernüsse...all of them traditional christmas cookies, which are very popular here in germany...very traditional...very delicious.

...before i give it try to make them myelf the next few days...i bought some to get in the mood and get the taste...and of course i could not just eat them like they are...i had to modify them...considering the fact that i have to ship my christmas cookies every year...i skipped the idea to make some cupcakes and went to back to my beloved cake balls.

the making is the same as my oreo cake pops and my amarettini cake pops...i just would suggest to use cream cheese instead of butter cream, if you don't like it too sweet.

...i hope you enjoy the selection of christmas cake balls ...

- spekulatius white chocolate cake balls

- lebkuchen milk chocolate cake balls

- pfeffernuss semi-sweet chocolate cake balls