Thursday, 19 December 2013

the diy paper bag gift wrapping tutorial

...if you are looking for one or two simple tutorials to make your own paper don't have to look any further.

very simple, with only little supply and a few either need a plain piece of paper size din a4 and glue or any envelope (no matter, which size or shape), glue and scissors.

So, just a little folding and gluing with repurposed and upcycled material.

If you are interesting, you can find a few ideas how to pimp your paper bags right here.

this is what you need for a plain paper bag

- one sheet paper din a 4

- glue stick


- one plain envelope, any size, any shape

this is what you have to do

- fold and crease one third of the paper inwards

- turn the paper around

- fold over approximately  1,5 to 2 cm of the longer part of the paper (two third)

- fold another crease onto the first one in the same width

- fold over the front panel to find your next crease

- fold the remaining longer part inwards to create the opposite side panel.

- the crease should meet the open edge of the front panel

- open the paper again

- fold and crease one third of the side panel of the bag onto itself

- and one more last fold in the same width

- the paper should now look like this

- a close up of the folds

- apply some glue along the outer edge of the side panel to close the bag

- press the both sides together firmly

- fold the bottom of the bag inwards

- turn the bag found and fold and crease the bottom outwards

- crease the right flap inwards

 - repeat with the left flap

- turn the bag around and fold both flaps outwards

- open the bag from the inside

- crease flaps inwards

- apply glue onto the flaps and the bottom panels

- tuck down all flaps

 - and here we go

and even easier you can create a paper bag from an envelope, any size, any shape

this is what you need

- any envelope

- scissors

- glue stick

this is what you have to do

- close and seal your envelope

 - trim of top of the envelope

- as you can see you can skip the first step, if the opening of the envelope is on the top side

- the envelope should look like this

- fold and crease one of the length sides of the envelope, inwards and outwards

 - repeat with the other side

- fold the bottom of the envelope, inwards and outwards

- open the envelope

- crease well the folds of the side panels again

- repeat with the bottom creases and create the outer flaps

- crease those flaps inwards

- affix the flaps with glue

- and here we go...another simple paper bag

the inspiration for this one, i got from here

and this is what you can do with your simple paper bags