Wednesday, 13 November 2013

felt fortune cookies advent calendar

nothing really new...but still a great idea for an advent calendar...and definitely worth a try.

...i found felt table runners and this wooden box on sale and just had to go for the fortune cookies, as i've seen them a few years ago.

the challenge is now to fill the advent calendar...there is not much space inside the only a tiny piece of paper fits...and now i have to be very creative to find the right messages...actually twenty four of them.

that's about the challlenge from my side...your challenge starts right here by reading my tutorial.

...i only noticed that crafting with pink and grey felt on my non-woven painting protection, does not really turn out good on just does protect my wooden dining table.

so my apologies, that the pictures are not that great and i hope you still figure out how the fortune cookies were made.

this is what you need

- soft felt for the "cookies"

- felt for the label

- fabric paint pen

- parchment paper

- pen

- scissors

- brads

- ruler

- thread

- pins

- a cd or any other round object as a template for the circles

this is what you have to do

- place your template onto the felt

- draw circles onto the felt

- the closer you draw the circles to each other, the less felt you actually need

- cut out circles with your scissors

- you might want to use smaller scissors for the circles

- maybe you have guessed it need twenty four of them

- fold the felt circle into halves

- secure it and mark the beginning and the end of the intended seam

- sew a seam in the middle of the halves, leaving some space on both sides of the seam

 - turn on side of the half circle inside out

- repeat with the other side

- and here we go... a fortune cookie shaped piece of felt

- repeat with the other twenty three circles

- mark stripes with a width of 2cm onto the other coloured felt 

- how many you need, depends on the size of the labels and the size of the number you need to draw

- cut the stripes in the lengths of the entire piece of felt

- the right size for me was cutting them into halves

- punch a hole into the ends of the folded stripes...i used my scissors...of course you can use a hole punch tool instead

- the piece of felt was quite soft, so it worked really well with my small scissors

- as you might not be able to see...i pulled a brad through the holes to keep the folded label together

- choose where you want to have your numbered piece of felt and mark the spot with a pen

- again... i used my scissors for the hole

- stick the label through the hole

- secure it with the brad

- add the number to the felt label

- mark stripes in the width of 2cm onto the parchment paper

- cut the stripes

- guess need twenty four stripes

- write your messages or quotes onto the paper

- insert the paper 

- there is a opening where the two layers of the half circles meet

- if the stripes are not too long, you can perfectly hide them inside the "cookies"

- here we go....twenty four fortune numbered cookies made from felt

- the "coffee" letters still need to be removed and replaced by a more christmassy writing

i've seen so many tutorials for felt fortune cookies, so i lost track and don't really know, who do give credit for the inspiration...hopefully that's fine.