Tuesday, 12 November 2013

elegant advent calendar...ladylike

another advent calendar to count down for christmas in style...i have to admit the material needed could be a bit more stylish...i wouldn't really call toilet paper rolls stylish...but what really matters is the outcome.

...this advent calendar is just perfect for tiny fillers...like chocolate, licorice or other sweets...and after christmas you can easily reuse it as gift boxes or storage containers...or you might just want to keep it for next christmas.

like always the tutorial is pretty simple and you might find everything you need around the house.

i am absolutey impressed with the fact, that those little boxes don't look like toilet paper rolls at all and that they turned out so beautiful.

so let' s get started with the tutorial.

this is what you need

- 24 toilet paper rolls

- patterned duct tape or any other tape with a beautiful print

- ribbon

- brads

- scissors

- hole punch tool

- pen

this is what you have to do

- align one side of the paper roll with the edge of the duct tape and attach it

- go all the way around 

- where the beginning and the end of the tape meet...overlap it slightly

- cut the tape and secure the end

- adhere the tape to the remaining part of the roll from end to end

- position the tape just above the first round of the tape...overlapping looks better than a gap in between

- depending on the size of your tape you might need to go for another round 

or you have to remove the excess (this will be done later)

- squeeze one end of the tube to crease

- take your hole punch tool and punch a hole in the in centre of the fold

- ensure you that the hole won't be too close to the edge

- seal with a brad

- close the other end of the tube by squeezing in the opposite direction of the first crease

- now you can remove the excess of the paper roll

- punch another hole 

- fasten with another brad

- cut a ribbon long enough to fold 

- of course you will need twenty four of them

- draw the numbers 1 to 24 on the ribbon

- fold the ribbon and punch a hole on the top edges

- insert the folded ribbon in one side of the paper roll box 

- fasten with the brad

- choose the filling for your advent calendar...maybe licorice...???

- open one side of the tube and insert your sweets

- close the boxes again 

- that's it...aren't they gorgeous...???

- just decorate them on a matching cake stand or tray and enjoy your christmas countdown