Tuesday, 28 June 2016

address book leporello

...and finally the traditonal leporello.

the one i was planning to make before i got inspired by the envelope acordion book, i made erlier this month.

there are so many occasions and purposes for the use of a leporello...i thought i use it for an address book...a special address book.

at my last birthday party, i tried to bring some old friends together, who haven't seen each other for ages and created an address book for my friends to ensure they'll be able to stay in touch with each other.

...i let my friends not only sign a guest book, but also make them leave their addresses with me, so i could later on create the personalized address book, which i could hand over to my friends on our next get-together.

i think it is a great idea, but only of many others.


this is what you need

- din A4 cardboard

- address book pages

- laux leather and sequins fabric leftover

- two eyelets 

- scissors

- glue

- clothesline or ribbon

this is what you have to do

- place on of the address pages onto the left side of the first cardboard

- fold the cardboard twice, two times in the size slightly larger than the book page and one which can be much smaller

- repeat with all other cardboards

- apply some glue onto the smaller part of the folded cardboard

- adhere the folded cardboards together in an accordion style

-get your book pages and the glue ready

- apply glue onto the backside of the pages

- adhere one address bookpages onto every leporello page

- it will look like this

- get your pre-cut cardboards ready

- glue them onto the first and last page of the leporello, building the book cover

- get your fabric and scissors ready

- you will also need your cardboards and your glue

- place the cardboard onto the fabric

- cut out two pieces, large enough to fold the fabric over the cardboard

- apply glue to the cardboards

- press firmly onto the fabric

- cut back the corners of the fabric

- apply glue to the edges of the fabric

- fold them over and press firmly on the the cardboard

- get the leporello ready

- get your glue ready as well

- apply glue to the backside cover of the leporello

- press the fabric covered cardboard firmly onto the cover

- get the second piece of fabric and the eyelet pack ready

- mark two spots, where you want to have your eyelets

- insert the eyelets according to the instructions of the eyelet pack

- insert the clothesline or ribbon through the eyelets

- apply a lot of glue to the backside of the leporello

- press the fabric firmly onto the cardboard

- that's it

- close the leporello by wrapping the clothesline around the leporello

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for stopping by...best regards...silke