Tuesday, 14 June 2016

envelope accordion book

actually i was looking for an alternative option for a traditional closure of a leporello, because i fell in love with the idea of accordion style books quite some time ago and did not get the chance to try one myself.

...and while browsing through the internet, i came across envelope accordion books...and what can i say...i fell in love...i still had a pile of black envelopes and pretty much everything else, i would need...and i got started.

my working place is held in dark grey, but i hope that the pictured step by step tutorial will be still somehow visible for you.

this is what you need

- eight envelopes

- six coupons or gift vouchers

- scissors

- wall paper or cardboard

- ribbon 

- crystal brad

- glue

this is what you have to do

- get the first two envelopes and your glue ready

- remove the protection foil of your first envelope

- adhere the bottom of your second envelope to the unfolded inside of the first envelope

- repeat with the remaining envelopes until you reached the amount of pockets, you require.

- i actually used one envelope for each cover (front and backside), due to the lack of black cardboard.

 - in total i used eight envelopes, making six pockets

- fold the envelopes like an accordion

- get you wallaper or cardboard or fabric ready

- place the accordion book onto your wallpaper 

- cut out two pieces slightly larger than the cover of the accordion book

- get your crystal brad ready

- punch a small hole where you want to have the closure on the cover of the book, you can use the crystal brad to do so

- i chose the right upper part of the front cover

- remove the brad and get your glue and piece of wallpaper ready

- apply some glue to the front cover

- press the wallpaper firmly onto the book cover

- insert the crystal brad into the pre-punshed hole, which you can feel from the inside

- cut back the excess of the wallpaper

- insert the brad, using the pre-punshed hole of the inner side of the book cover

- adhere the second piece of the wallpaper to the backside of the book cover

- cut back the excess of the wallpaper

- this is what you got so far...already very pretty i would say

- fold the envelopes like an accordion

- insert your first coupon into the first envelope

- repeat with the remaining coupons and envelopes

- it will look like this

- this is how the backside looks like...not too bad

- get your ribbon and your scissors ready

- cut a ribbon which is long enough to be wrapped around the accordion book a few times

- attach the ribbon

- you can just twine it around the crystal brad

- close the envelope accordion book with a bowknot

- and you are done

- enjoy your new envelope accordion book

i hope you have enjoyed the tutorial..thank you very much for stopping by...best regards...silke