Thursday, 17 March 2016

the envelope tutorial

i am sooo excited.

....i wanted to try to create a video tutorial for such a long time, but i never really found the time to make it real.

a slideshow...that's what i wanted to start with and i thought of using the same app, i used for some private shows a few years ago.

good idea...but still time consuming...choosing photos, choosing music, recording the instructions, translating the instructions, writing subtitles...and so on.

should i record the instructions in german and use english subtitles?
should i do it the other way around?
i just wasn't sure what to do.

by chance i figured out that my tablet and my laptop are equipped with such a great "movie-making-facility" and decided to play around with it.

since i came across the movie trailler function, i was hooked and thought i dhould give it a try.

if you are curious, you are more than welcome to watch my first (horror-movie-themed) video tutorial...i do recommend to not enlarge the video, the quality is not quite good, i couldn't manage to upload the video in the original sharpness.

...and my second try...not so much horror movie trailer...more normal movie trailer

of course this easy envelopes can be made from so many other materials, like wax paper, newspaper, napkins, maps, krepp paper, gift wrapping paper, magazine pages and so on. 

 the map envelope tutorial in pictures





i hope you enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for your regards...silke