Tuesday, 7 April 2015

stylish balloon vase

quick, easy, inexpensive and stylish...sounds like the perfect diy project for me.

the coolest thing about this balloon vases is, that you can change its look anytime to match your latest home decor.

i wanted them a little bit glamorous and decided to use metalic balloons, but any other balloon will do the same job.

let me show you how to transform a simple shot glass and a balloon into a georgous vase.

i hope you enjoy my little tutorial.

this is what you need

- balloon

- shot glass

- scissors

this is what you have to do

 - blow up your ballon to stretch the material


- deflate the ballon again

- get your scissors ready

- cut off the top of the balloon

- you need to leave a bit of the narrow part of the ballon, so please be careful to not cut off too much.

- the result could look like this

- pull the balloon over the glass

- this is the part where it comes quite handy to have it stretched in the beginning.

- carefully pull the balloon over the rim of the shot glass

- so far so good

- the top of the balloon needs to be pushed inside

- et voila ... you have a tiny flower vase

- or even two

this is where i got my inspiration from:

i hope you enjoyed my little tutorial...thank you very much for your visit...best regards...silke