Monday, 20 April 2015

elegant light bulb vase

one of those upcycling projects, which came immediately into my mind when i thought of light bulbs...light bulb vases...they are quite cool and when painted in a metalic they are really elegant.

...there are a couple of variations out there in the crafting and upcycling community...mostly the vases were attached to wires so they could be hung...i decided to place them onto napkin holders, because i found those beautiful golden ones in my stock and wanted to paint the cap of the bulbs anyways.

the making of the vases is not that difficult...but to be honest...not as easy as i thought.

the main challenge is to remove the unwanted parts of the bulb...but with a bit patience and the right tools it worked after a while.

you are more than welcome to follow my pictured tutorial, i hope it gives you all the information needed and i hope it is also enjoyable.

this is what you need

- light bulb

- small saw or knife

- pliers

- golden napkin holder

- golden paint

- sponge

this is what you have to do

- remove the contact of the light bulb (the tiny silver coloured part of the outer cap)

- this could be done with a small saw or knife

- like this

- insert your pliers into the bulb

- move your pliers forward and backwards

- the black glass piece will be cracked after a while

-  bit by bit the glass pieces can be removed with the pliers

- apply the same procedure to remove the inner glass and wire pieces

- get your paint and sponge ready

- paint the cap and let the paint dry

- place the bulb onto the napkin holder

- aren't they beautiful...???

- pour some water into the light bulb vases and place small flowers inside...or you can use articial flowers and skip the water pouring i did

- a close-up of the vase

- and a summary

there are so many light bulb vase tutorials out there throughout the web, so i think it is not fair to link to only one of them and decided to skip that part.

thank you very much for visiting me and my regards...silke